Sub Teams

Our team is made up of five different sub-teams that work to make different parts of the robot work correctly and to ensure that everyone is working safely. Click on a name to learn more about it:


The electrical team works on the wiring and circuits and components that make the robots function in addition to the pneumatic systems. They work with the programming team to design a test bed to allow easy testing and debugging of code during build.


The mechanical team works on the mechanical body of the robot and assemble all parts such as gearboxes, prototypes, and mechanisms that are required to complete the season’s challenge. Prior to construction, the robot is modeled using CAD software to create a blueprint of the robot.


The programming sub-team is responsible for the software that controls the robot, including any computer vision (CV) systems or autonomous components of the control system. Additionally, it is responsible for the scoring app that we use to judge the performance of ourselves and other teams.

In our code, we employ a variety of languages. For the programming of the general control system of the robot, as well as autonomous components, we use Java. For the CV portions, we use a variety of languages, including C++, Java, and Python. The scoring app is programmed in web languages, such as HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS.

Drive Team

The drive team is responsible for remotely controlling the robot during competitions and other events. In competition, there are numerous roles on the drive team. These positions include the drive coach, drivers, human players, and the technician. The coach is responsible for leading the drive team. In competition, the coach makes decisions throughout the duration of the match relating to strategy and game-play. The drivers are the students responsible for manipulating the robot. There are two different roles a driver may play. Main driver or operator. The main driver controls the general movement of the robot around the field. The operator controls any appendages the robot may have such as arms or elevators. These two students would work together to complete tasks throughout matches. Human players are students that manipulate game pieces throughout the match. The role of human players is specific to the game. For example, a human player may discharge pieces into the field through a designated station. The technician is a team member that assists in setup or troubleshooting of the robot. During a match, the technician is in a designated space to the side of the field specific to the particular event.

Safety Team

Although we wish for everyone to have fun on our team, our number one priority is for everyone to be safe on our team. The safety team is our way of making this priority a reality. They have routine checks for all of our equipment, making sure the first aid supplies are completely stocked, ensure that everyone is wearing their safety equipment and that they have first aid knowledge in case of a medical emergency.