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The programming sub-team is responsible for the software that controls the robot, including any computer vision (CV) systems or autonomous components of the control system. Additionally, it is responsible for the scoring app that we use to judge the performance of ourselves and other teams.

In our code, we employ a variety of languages. For the programming of the general control system of the robot, as well as autonomous components, we use Java. For the CV portions, we use a variety of languages, including C++, Java, and Python. The scoring app is programmed in web languages, such as HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS.

The programming sub-team has changed significantly as technology has advanced. In 2003, the code that controlled our robots looked very different from the code that controls our robots today. Our robots used to be programmed with code written in a programming language called BASIC. It looked something like this:

Our current code is open source and can be viewed on our GitHub. In general, it is licensed under the terms of the GNU Affero Public License.