The drive sub-team is responsible for remotely controlling the robot during competitions and other events. There are five positions on the drive team:

  • The two drivers are the students responsible for actually controlling the robot. The main driver controls the movement of the robot around the field, and usually some key mechanisms like shooting. The operator controls any appendages the robot may have, such as arms or elevators. These two students work together to score as many points as possible.
  • The coach is responsible for leading the drive team. In between the matches, they meet with other coaches from the alliance to discuss strategy. During a match, they make additional strategy decisions and give information to the drivers.
  • The human player manipulates game pieces throughout the match. The role of the human player is specific to each game. For example, a human player may enter pieces into the field through a designated station.
  • The technician assists with the setup or troubleshooting of the robot. They only interact with the robot before and after the match.