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2019 FIRST Robotics Competition Game: Destination Deep Space

The name of the 2019 FIRST® Robotics Competition is DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE. In DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE, we join two competing alliances collecting samples on Planet Primus. Unpredictable terrain and weather patterns make remote robot operation essential to their mission on the planet. With only 2:30 until liftoff, the alliances must gather as many cargo pods as possible and prepare their spaceships before the next sandstorm arrives.

The logo for the 2019 FRC game.

The arena includes all elements of the game infrastructure that are required to play the game: the field, game pieces, and all equipment needed for field control, robot control, and scorekeeping. To win, an alliance will need to place hatch panels onto the cargo ships and rockets and load them with cargo to earn points. During the sandstorm period, the cargo will roll out of their bays if they do not have a hatch panel on them. If no hatch panel is installed on the rockets, the cargo will fall out with or without the sandstorm period being active. You can find a more detailed description of the game and its components at

The Arena for the 2019 FRC game.

2018 FIRST Robotics Competition Game: FIRST Power Up

“FIRST® POWER UP, the 2018 FIRST® Robotics Competition game, includes two alliances of video game characters and their human operators who are trapped in an arcade game. Both alliances are working to defeat the boss in order to escape!”

The logo for the 2018 FRC game.

On January 6, 2018, Robotics teams from around the world were introduced to the 2018 competition, with a classic video game theme. Teams are challenged to create a Robot that will complete a series of tasks to score points for their three-school alliance in each match. Robots must participate in three game modes within each 3-minute match, Autonomous, Teleoperated, and Face the Boss. In autonomous mode, all three robots on each alliance must cross the Auto Line, thus entering the match and working to earn points for their alliance. In Autonomous and Teleop mode, robots must gain control of their switch and scale by placing “power cubes” on each in order to tilt it in their favor. Points are gained for each second a team has control of their switch and scale, and teams have the option of strategically using these power cubes to gain power-ups throughout the match. In the last thirty seconds of the game, alliances are permitted to face the boss by having their robots climb until they are at least 1 foot off the ground. More information on the game can be found at

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