Available Awards

Chairman’s Award:

An award given to the team that is a model for other teams and best demonstrates the goals of FIRST.

Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox:

An award given to the team that shows creativity in their design, component, or strategy.

Engineering Inspiration Award:

An award given to the team that spreads the most respect and appreciation for engineering.

Entrepreneur Award sponsored Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Beyers:

Award given to the team who develops and is prepared to achieve team goals.

Excellence in Engineering Award sponsored by Delphi:

Award for an advanced and stylish robot.


An award given to the alliance that makes it to the last round.

FIRST Dean’s List Award:

Award given to a student leader who obtains FIRST ideals.

FIRST Future Innovation Award sponsored by the Abbott Fund:

Award for the team that celebrates innovation and intellectual property throughout the FIRST season.

Founder’s Award:

Award given to an individual who has helped FIRST grow significantly.

Gracious Professionalism®Award sponsored by Johnson and Johnson:

An award for teams that demonstrate FIRST values such as working together on and off the field.

Highest Rookie Seed Award:

Award for the highest seeding rookie team at the end of qualifying rounds.

Imaginary Award in honor of Jack Kamen:

For Dean Kamen’s father, Jack Kamen, an award that shows attractiveness in engineering, aesthetics, and overall team appearance.

Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors:

Award for teams that demonstrate form and function in a machine that successfully completes the game challenge.

Industrial Safety Award sponsored by Underwriters Laboratories:

An award for teams that go above and beyond to get rid of safety hazards.

Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation:

Award for teams with innovative control systems to provide unique machine functions.


Award given out by the judges to the team with unique efforts, performance, or merit recognition.

Media & Technology Award sponsored by Comcast NBCUniversal:

An award given to the team with the most digital experience, and that spreads the FIRST mission.

Quality Award sponsored by Motorola Solutions Foundation:

Award that recognizes machine strength in concept and invention.

Rookie All-Star Award:

For the team that demonstrates a strong partnership and the mission of FIRST.

Rookie Inspiration Award:

An award for the team that increases respect for engineering and engineers.

Safety Animation Award sponsored by UL:

Award for teams that create a video to show safety focuses.

Team Spirit Award sponsored by Chrysler:

An award that celebrates teams with enthusiasm and spirit through teamwork and promote the objectives of FIRST.

Volunteer of the Year Award:

Can be given to an individual, business, or organization that gives effort and has results in “Leadership, Personal Commitment, Community, and Historical Contributions.”


Given to the alliance that wins the competition.

Woodie Flowers Finalist Award: 

Award given to a mentor who leads their team by using excellent communication skills.