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2015-16 Enödia: Enödia was the name of our robot for the FRC Stronghold in 2016. Enödia is designed to breach defenses in various ways to get the most consistent and amount of points each game. The team had thought about different strategies to use, such as scaling, breaching, shooting in high goal only, shooting in low goal only, shooting in both goals, defending, and capturing for about three days. The team also had everyone read and understand the rules of the game to maximize the speed of the build and to prepare the students to talk to officials or judges during competitions. Enödia had it’s own bugs that were easily overcome, such as screws coming off when going over defenses.  The objective of this robot will be to go over 4/5 defenses (portcullis, low bar, sally port, drawbridge, etc.) on the field twice in two minutes and thirty seconds.

2014-15 Wall-E: 

2013-14 Beyonce: This robot was built  to compete in the 2014 game Aerial assist. It was designed to be able to shoot and pass to other robots and human players. However the shooting mechanism never worked properly. During the build the mechanical team came into an issue where the conveyor belt was not strong enough to launch the balls out. This robot was almost maximized to the maximum robot height being five feet. This game was about using your human players and alliance robots to score and gain the most points. The electrical team was basically self-teaching themselves to use the new RoboRIO system.


2013-14 Chewie: